Heron Island

Heron Island is a true coral cay located right on the Great Barrier Reef. The island is framed by white sands, crystal clear waters and acres of coral with colourful marine life. At this world heritage listed Marine National Park, all flora and fauna is protected, so the island is a nature lover's paradise with the emphasis on enjoying natural beauty. A holiday here replaces stress with a sense of adventure and your days are filled with discovery.

Heron Island accommodation - Book your holiday in paradise now. For the holiday maker Heron Island offers many activities such as guided island and reef walks, semi-submersible cruises and private beach picnics. An amazing array of animal and bird life can be discovered throughout the year, such as the delightful Green and Loggerhead Turtles. Heron Island is also world famous for its fantastic scuba diving and snorkelling. Experience some of Australia's best dive spots - more than 20 dive sites are available, half of which are only 15 minutes from the beach.

Heron Island's kids club "Junior Rangers" program offers children aged 7-12 years, a great time through a range of exciting hands on experiences, nurturing a sense of exploration and caring for the environment, which makes Heron Island a great family holiday destination.

At Heron Island, you won't see any buildings above the tree line. The resort has been designed to blend into the surrounding environment. 109 guest rooms are available with five grades of accommodation.

Heron Island is an unexpected treasure. A National Park within a Marine National Park and a world famous haven for divers.

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Ultimate Great Barrier Reef Eco Getaway

Heron Island

3 Nights, Transfers, Breakfast, Snorkel Gear

Bucket List Great Barrier Reef Escape

Heron Island

4 Nights, Transfers, Breakfast, Snorkel Gear